Tuesday, August 1, 2017

                             Life on earth is hard without you. Why was I sent here? Just to experience pain?
                            Surely it was to shine bright, but I guess it comes in waves, It always happens like
                             that. I'm doing really well then the floor gets pulled out from under me. I wish I
                             knew your name my kin. I experienced a "going home" when I was on Vancouver
                              Island I imagined myself in the bed where you brought me. Eventually I could feel
                              myself teleported there once again, but could only see glimpses of the room and
                              feel a bit of the energy. I did some reiki tonight and it brought out a lot of pain.
                              This is why I am writing to you because I feel alone, and I miss you dearly.
                                All of my beautiful creative energy has been spent these last few weeks.
                                I love you, you are always in my heart.

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