Tuesday, August 8, 2017

          My beautiful family I miss you. We are all one. I know you are by my side even in the darkest of times watching over me. You gave me a strong, yet gentle heart, to teach others that compassion exists. The fight is not over yet. I will let my heart be gentle, kind, and compassionate for those are my strongest qualities.I affirm my vow to see everyone on this earth as my brother and my sister. As above so below. You know you are not from earth when you abhor violence ,anger and cannot stand to be around those things. I know you would be proud of me, even though sometimes I feel as if I've failed you. It's weird, it's as if I am bored with everything on this earth. I've been getting tired of the way the world works. Is that a life unlived? I don't know, but I have a sense that I am wasting my time here. Yet I came here freely for the great transformation of earth, these uncertain times on earth.
So many people are involved. How will the face of the planet change in to coming years? To those who have wronged me I see you as a part of me and I feel your pain.  I am starting school in January, but I can't hide out doing nothing, and yet, and yet I am not as excited as I should be. Have I made a difference?? That's the question.

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