Friday, June 30, 2017

Ya! Beech Walk......(Paranoia….A Compulsive Rant) - Poem by saadat tahir

Advancing design of a wave.

A lecherous path I see it pave.
Barefoot amble, beach you not.
Evil spirits within it caught.
Jagged bits from smiling shark.
And lovelorn idlers vain bark.
Step love careful as you walk.
Curvy dunes; shall, you balk.
Watch that drone where it be.
Hovers about too close to thee.
Seagull swoops to take a whiff.
The hummer too vying a sniff.
Barnacles lie around an wait.
Feast on you in silence sate.
Hate the zephyr for its touch.
An the land, footsteps clutch.
Oh the brushes! Prune to bits!
Ankles tap to whack my wits.
A brazen sun glares to extol.
The bino hunkered on that Knoll.

(May 27,2009)

Thursday, June 29, 2017

                                          Art goals sacred geometry
    Why work so hard? Are you a slave? Do only the things you enjoy. Create out of passion but relax.
It feels as if the days are just floating by.
                                         let the forest heal you
                                             I was doing some more reiki and light language energy healing
                                              today and I got a vision or just a mental image when she was working
                                             on the throat chakra about me around the time of 2012. I was in the
                                             woods and I was getting many contacts from higher dimensions.
                                              I just felt this energy guiding me there were these especially beautiful
                                              trees in the meadow I was at . I think they are called paper birch trees.
                                              I was singing trying to clear the throat chakra and these birch trees
                                              it's as if they were emitting an energy. Like they were home. This
                                               is around the time the e.t. contact started. When we awaken everything
                                               around us comes to life.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

                                           Royalty in a past life. This life was on earth eons ago. I was
                                           in a temple dressed in the most beautiful linens. My skin
                                            was of an olive complexion. I don't think "whites" existed in our
                                           society. I miss that life. A vision, a muse enough to inspire
                                           any painter. What I remember most vividly was the texture of the
                                           clothes I was wearing and the jewels which fit me so perfectly.
                                            I took pride in what I wore. I remember I LOVED to dress up.
                                            I guess that's normal when you have all the money and can buy
                                            anything you want. The rock/crystal I'm wearing in the photo reminds
                                            me of those times. Of course the jewellery I wore back then was
                                             much more precious.

                                          Reminds me of me, but the jewels and the clothes
                                           surpassed even what Angelina is wearing. Just stunning.
                                           #goals for this life, build an empire


Achaemenid EmpirePersiaVarious, including PasargadaeEcbatanaPersepolisSusaBabylon550 BC330 BC220The first Persian Empire, and the largest one in Classical Antiquity, founded by Cyrus the Great.
Afsharid DynastyPersiaMashhad1736179660
Akkadian EmpireSumerAkkad2300 BC2200 BC100
Aksumite EmpireEthiopiaAxum150940790Succeeded by the Ethiopian Empire.
AkwamuWest AfricaAkwamufie, Nyanoase15051867362
Almohad DynastyMoroccoMarrakechSeville11211269148
Almoravid DynastyMoroccoAghmat (1040–1062), Marrakech (1062–1147)10401147107
Angevin EmpireEnglandFranceNo official capital. Court was generally held at Angers and Chinon1154124288
Armenian EmpireArmeniaTigranakert190 BC428618Tigranes the Great took the title king of kings.
Ashanti EmpireWest AfricaKumasi16701902232
Austrian EmpireAustriaVienna1804186763Preceded by the Holy Roman Empire.
Austro-Hungarian EmpireAustriaHungaryViennaBudapest1867191851Preceded by the Austrian Empire.
Ayyubid Dynasty[citation needed]Middle EastCairoDamascusHama11711341170Founded by Saladin, See also List of Muslim empires and dynasties.
Aztec EmpireMesoamericaTenochtitlan1428152193The capital of MexicoMexico City, is built on the ruins of Tenochtitlan.
Babylonian EmpireMesopotamiaBabylon1900 BC1600 BC300See also Neo-Babylonian Empire.
BalhaeNorth KoreaManchuriaSanggyeong698926228Successor of Goguryeo.
Bamana EmpireWest AfricaSégou17121861149Also known as the Bambara Empire or Ségou Empire
Belgian Colonial EmpireBelgiumBrussels1901196261Overseas possessions were referred to as "the colonies" rather than an empire.
Benin EmpireNigeriaBenin City14401897457
Bornu EmpireNigeriaNgazargamu13871893506The continuation of the Kanem Empire.
Empire of BrazilBrazilRio de Janeiro1822188967Established after Pedro I of Brazil declared the independence of Brazil from Portugal.
Britannic EmpireBritainLondinium28629610Was a break-away state of the Roman Empire. See also Carausian Revolt.
British Colonial EmpireUnited KingdomLondon16031997394The largest Empire in world history. Precursor to the modern Commonwealth of Nations.
British RajIndian SubcontinentCalcutta (1858–1912), New Delhi (1912–1947)1858194789Governed by the Crown and part of the British Empire. Queen Victoria was proclaimed Empress of India in 1876.
Bruneian EmpireBorneoNot specified, possibly Kota Batu13681888520Lasted until it became a British protectorate in 1888.
First Bulgarian EmpireBalkansPliska (680–893), Preslav (893–972), Skopie (972–992), Ohrid (992–1018)6801018338Founded by Khan Asparukh. Under Tsar Simeon I became the first powerful Slavic Empire. Falls to the Byzantine Empire under Emperor Basil II.
Second Bulgarian EmpireBalkansTarnovo11851422237Successor of the First Bulgarian Empire. Under the Tsars Kaloyanand Ivan Asen II became the most powerful state in the Balkans.
Buyid DynastyPersiaShiraz9341055121
Byzantine EmpireEastern Roman Empire(GreeceAnatolia,AfricaPalestine,SyriaItaly)Constantinople33014531123Term conventionally used since the 19th century to describe the Greek-speaking Roman Empire during the Middle Ages.
Caliphate of CórdobaIberian PeninsulaCórdoba7561031275See also Islamic Empire.
Carthaginian EmpireNorth AfricaCarthage650 BC146 BC504
Chagatai KhanateTransoxaniaAlmaliqQarshi12251687462Division of the Mongol Empire.
Chalukya DynastyIndiaBadami543753210
Chera DynastyIndiaVanchi Muthur300 BC300600Tamil Empire.
Chola DynastyIndiaVarious, including PoompuharUrayurPazhaiyaaraiThanjavurGangaikonda Cholapuram350 BC12791629Tamil Empire.
Danish colonial empireDenmarkCopenhagen13501953600See also List of former Danish colonies.
Delhi SultanateIndiaDelhi12061527321
Durrani EmpireAfghanistanKandaharKabul1747182376
Dutch EmpireNetherlandsAmsterdam15681975407See also Dutch East India Company and Dutch West India Company.
Egyptian EmpireEgyptVarious, including ThebesAkhetatenPi-RamessesMemphis1550 BC1077 BC473See also 18th Dynasty19th Dynasty & 20th Dynasty.
Ethiopian EmpireEthiopiaAddis Ababa11371974837
Fatimid CaliphateEgyptMahdia (909–969), Cairo (969–1171)9091171262See also Islamic Empire.
First French empireFranceParis18041814/181510
Second French EmpireFranceParis1852187018
French colonial empiresFranceParis15341980446End of Empire was formally recognized with the end of French presence in condominium of Vanuatu (see New Hebrides).
Frankish EmpireWestern EuropeVarious, including SoissonsParisReimsOrléansMetz & Aachen250950700
Gallic EmpireRhineland-PalatinateColonia Agrippina26027414Broke off from the Roman Empire during the Crisis of the Third Century.
Gaza EmpireSouthern AfricaNot specified1824189571.
Georgian EmpireGeorgiaKutaisiTbilisi10081490482Established at 1008 as an unified kingdom. Georgian kings took title "King of Kings", which ruled over large territory consisted by Georgian, Armenian and Muslim areas, as well as numerous client states. Officially dissolved at 1490 .
German EmpireGermanyBerlin1871191847See also German Colonial Empire.
Ghana EmpireMauritania, and Western MaliKoumbi Saleh7901240450The Empire became known in Europe and Arabia as the "Ghana Empire" by the title of its ruler (meaning "Warrior King").
Ghaznavid DynastyAfghanistanGhazni later Lahore9631187224
Ghurid DynastyAfghanistanFiruzkuh1148121567
GoguryeoKoreaJolbonGungnae CityPyongyang37 BC668705Predecessor of Balhae and Goryeo.
GoryeoKoreaGaegyeongGanghwa9181392474Successor of Goguryeo. Unification of the Korean Peninsula. State maintained as an empire between 918 and 1274.
Gorkha EmpireGreater Nepal16001850250Unification of Greater Nepal. State maintained as an empire between 1600 and 1840.
Göktürk KhaganateInner AsiaÖtüken552747195552–603 First empire, 603–658 Double empire, 658–681 Dark age, 681–747 Second empire.
Golden HordeCentral AsiaSarai Batu12401502260Break-away state of the Mongol Empire.
Empire of Great FuloSenegalTekrur15141776262
Great Moravian EmpireCentral EuropeMikulčice-Valy83390067The word "Moravia" did not refer only to present-day Moravia.
Great Seljuq EmpireAral SeaAsia MinorPersiaNishapur and later on Rey10371194157Turkish empire, Predecessor of the Sultanate of Rum.
Gurjara-PratiharaIndiaKannauj6001136660Founded by great king of Gujjars
Gupta EmpireIndiaPataliputra320550230Founded by Sri Gupta
Han DynastyChinaChang'anLuoyangXuchang206 BC220426
Empire of HarshaNorthern IndiaKannauj60664741Founded by Harshavardhana, collapsed after his death.
Hephthalite EmpireAfghanistanKabul420567147
Hittite EmpireAnatoliaHattusa1460 BC1180 BC280See also Neo-Hittite.
Holy Roman EmpireCentral Europeno capital city9621806844Officially known as the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation from 1512 on.
Hotaki DynastyPersiaIsfahan1709173829
Hoysala EmpireIndiaBelurHalebidu10261343317
Hunnic EmpireEurasiaNot specified37046999
Idrisid dynastyMoroccoFes788974186Founders of the first Moroccan state.
IlkhanatePersiaMaraghehTabrizSoltaniyeh1256133579Division of the Mongol Empire.
Imperial State of IranPersiaTehran1925197954Was the last Imperial dynasty of Iran.
Inca Empire(Tawantinsuyo)Andes (Peru,BoliviaEcuador, parts of Chile,Argentina andColombia)Cusco1438153395The largest empire in pre-Columbian America.
Italian Colonial EmpireItalyRome1885194358See also Imperial Italy (fascist).
Empire of JapanJapanTokyo1868194779Emperor's government took control of the country in 1868. Regional hegemony in East Asia ended in 1945. The new constitution of 1947 formally abolished the empire.[1]
Jin dynasty (265–420)ChinaLuoyang (265–311), Chang'an (312–316), Jiankang (317–420)265420155Subdivided into two dynasties. Western Jìn Dynasty, (265–316) Eastern Jìn Dynasty (317–420).
Jin dynasty (1115–1234)Northern ChinaManchuriaHuiningZhongduKaifeng11151234119Also known as the Jurchens, were the ancestors of the Manchus who established the Qing Dynasty.
Jolof EmpireWest AfricaLinguère13501549199Also known as the Wollof Empire. Succeeded by the Kingdom of Jolof (1549–1875).
Kaabu EmpireWest AfricaKansala15371867330Also written Gabu, Ngabou, and N’Gabu'.
Kanem EmpireChadNjimi7001387687
Kara-Khanid KhanateTurkistanKashgar8401212372First Turkic dynasty to embrace Islam.
Khazar KhaganatePontic steppeNorth CaucasusBalanjar, later Atil7001000300Founded by Western Turks, the members of the royal family embraced Judaism.
Khmer EmpireCambodiaHariharalaya (802–889), Angkor (889–1431)8021431629Succeeded from the kingdom of Chenla.
Khilji DynastyAfghanistanKabulDelhi1290132030
Khwarezmid DynastyPersiaUrgench10771221144
Kong EmpireWest AfricaKong17101898298Also known as the Wattara Empire or Ouattara Empire.
Korean EmpireKorean PeninsulaHanseong1897191013Was the last ruling Korean dynasties.
Kushan EmpireAfghanistanVarious, including MathuraPeshawarBegramTaxila30345315
Kushite EmpireEgyptNubiaNot specified760 BC656 BC104
Latin EmpireThraceAsia MinorConstantinople1204126157See also Latinokratia.
Later Lê dynastyVietnamĐông Kinh14281789361
Liao DynastyChinaShangjing9151125210
Lodi SultanateAfghanistanDelhi1451152675
Macedonian EmpireMacedonian KingdomPella334 BC323 BC11Founded by Alexander the Great.
Majapahit EmpireMalay ArchipelagoMajapahit, Wilwatikta12931527234
Mali EmpireWest AfricaNiani, later Ka-ba12351610375Mandinka empire founded by Sundiata Keita.
Mamluk SultanateEgyptSyriaCairo12501517267See also Islamic Empire.
ManchukuoManchuriaHsinking1932194513Created as a Puppet state of the Japanese Empire, with Emperor Puyi (the last emperor of the Qing Dynasty) installed as nominal regent and emperor.
Maratha EmpireIndiaRaigad, later Pune16741818144Founded by Shivaji Maharaj, also known as the Maratha Confederacy.
Marinid dynastyMoroccoFes12441465221
Massina EmpireWest AfricaHamdullahi1820186242
Mauryan EmpireAncient IndiaPataliputra321 BC185 BC136Founded by Chandragupta Maurya.
Median EmpirePersiaEcbatana625 BC549 BC76First Persian Empire, Founded by Deioces.
First Mexican EmpireMexicoMexico City182118232Preceded the Second Mexican Empire which was short lived (1864–1867). See also Mexican Imperial Orders.
Second Mexican EmpireMexicoMexico City186418673Succeeded the First Mexican Empire which was short lived (1821–1823). See also Mexican Imperial Orders.
Ming DynastyChinaNanjing (1368–1421), Beijing (1421–1644)13681644276
Mongol EmpireMongoliaKarakorum12061368162Split into four empires (Yuan DynastyIlkhanateChagatai Khanateand Golden Horde). Largest contiguous land empire.
Mughal EmpireIndiaAgraDelhi15261758232Founded by Babur. "Mughal" is a Persian word for the Mongols.
Nanda EmpireIndiaPataliputra450 BC350 BC100Dravidian Empire.
Neo-Assyrian EmpireMesopotamiaAssur, later Nineveh934 BC609 BC325See also Assyrian Empire.
Neo-Babylonian EmpireMesopotamiaBabylon626 BC539 BC87See also Babylonian Empire.
Nguyễn DynastyVietnamPhú Xuân18021945143Was the last ruling Vietnamese Dynasty.
Norwegian EmpireNorwayTrondheimSarpsborgKungahällaBergenOslo8721397423See also Greater Norway.
Empire of NicaeaBithyniaNicaea1204126157Successor state of the Byzantine Empire.
Northern Yuan DynastyMongoliaShangduYingchangKarakorum13681635267Created after the expulsion of the Yuan Dynasty from China in 1368.
Omani EmpireOmanMuscat16981958260See Oman.
Ottoman EmpireAnatoliaSöğütBursaEdirneConstantinople12991922623Predecessor of the Republic of Turkey.
Oyo EmpireSouthwestern NigeriaOyo-Ile14001905505
Pala EmpireBengalEast IndiaPataliputra7501174424
Palmyrene EmpireSyriaPalmyra26027313Broke off from the Roman Empire during the Crisis of the Third Century.
Pandyan EmpireIndiaMadurai . Also TirunelveliKorkai for few years500 BC13501850A Tamil Empire.'
Parthian EmpirePersiaVarious, including AsaakHecatompylosEcbatanaCtesiphonNisa247 BC224471Third Persian Empire, Founded by Arsaces I.
Pontic EmpirePontusAmaseiaSinope120 BC47 BC73Mithridates VI had the title: King of Kings.
Portuguese EmpirePortugalLisbonRio de Janeiro(1815–1821)14152002587Was the first global empire and the earliest and longest lived of the colonial Western European empires. See also United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves.
Ptolemaic EmpireEgyptAlexandria305 BC30 BC275See also Diadochi.
Qajar Dynasty[citation needed]PersiaTehran17941925131
Qin DynastyChinaXianyang221 BC206 BC15First dynasty of the Imperial Period.
Qing DynastyChinaShenyangBeijing16441912268Last dynasty of the Imperial Period.
Rashidun CaliphateSaudi ArabiaMedinaKufa63266129Predecessor of the Umayyad Caliphate, See also Islamic Empire.
Rashtrakuta DynastyIndiaManyakheta753982229
Roman EmpireGreeceItalyRome27 BC14531480Together with The Roman Republic and Byzantine Empire, direct Roman states lasted from 509 BC until 1453 AD, 1962 years.
Rouran KhaganateInner ChinaNot specified330555225
Rozwi EmpireSouthern AfricaDanangombe16601866206
Russian Empire(Romanov)RussiaSaint Petersburg17211917196Successor state of the Tsardom of Russia.
Saadi dynastyMoroccoMarrakech15541659105Destroyed and colonized the Songhai Empire.
Safavid DynastyPersiaTabrizQazvinEsfahan15011736235
Saffarid DynastyAfghanistanZaranj8671002135
Sassanid DynastyPersiaCtesiphon224651427Fourth Persian Empire.
Satavahana DynastyIndiaAmaravathi village, Guntur districtDharanikota230 BC220450An Andhra Dynasty which preceded the Vengi Dynasty of Andhra.
Samanid DynastyPersiaBalkhBukhara819999180
North Sea EmpireDenmarkRibe1016103519See also Viking expansion.
Seleucid EmpirePersiaMesopotamiaSyriaSeleuciaAntioch312 BC63 BC249See also Diadochi.
Serbian EmpireSerbiaSkopjePrizren1346137125Founded by Stephen Uroš IV (Dušan the Mighty), fell into feudal disarray after his death.
Shu HanChinaChengdu22126342See also Three Kingdoms.
Siam EmpireThailandBangkok17821932150
Sikh EmpirePunjab regionIndiaAmritsar17331849116Preceded the British Empire in the Indian subcontinent.
Sokoto CaliphateWest AfricaSokoto (1804-1850), (1851-1902), Gudu(1804), Birnin Konni(1850, 1903)1804190399
Song DynastyChinaBianjing (960–1127), Lin'an (1127–1279)9601279319
Songhai EmpireWest AfricaGao13401591251Former vassal of the Mali Empire which became one of the largest African empires in history.
Spanish EmpireIberian PeninsulaMadrid14021975573Was founded with the conquest of the Canary Islands. It was one of the first global empires.
Srivijaya EmpireMalay ArchipelagoPalembangMataram6831293610was a powerful ancient thalassocratic Malay empire based on the island of Sumatra, then based on Mataram (Medang Kingdom) under Sailendra's Dynasty
Sui DynastyChinaChang'an58161837
Shunga EmpireIndiaPataliputraVidisa185 BC73 BC112Magadha dynasty that controlled North-central and Eastern India.
Swedish EmpireScandinaviaStockholm16111718107See also Swedish overseas colonies.
Tahirid DynastyPersiaNishapur82187352
Tang DynastyChinaChang'an (618–904), Luoyang (904–907)618907289Founded By Li Yuan (aka. Emperor Gaozu of Tang).
Tay Son DynastyVietnamPhú Xuân1778180224
Empire of ThessalonicaEpirusKingdom of ThessalonicaThessaloniki1224124642Evolved from the Despotate of Epirus.
Third ReichGermanyBerlin (1933–1945), Flensburg (1945)1933194512Nazi Germany signed a treaty (Tripartite Pact) with the Japaneseand Italian Empires.
Tibetan EmpireTibetLhasa755870115
Tondo DynastyPhilippinesTondo9001587687
Timurid EmpirePersia and Central AsiaSamarkandHerat13701526156Persianized form of the Mongolian word kürügän, Turko-Mongol Empire.
TlemcenAlgeriaTlemcen12351556321Zayyanid dynasty
Empire of TrebizondPontusTrebizond12041461257Successor state of the Byzantine Empire and client state of Kingdom of Georgia
Toltec EmpireMesoamericaTollan-Xicocotitlan4961122626
Toucouleur EmpireWest AfricaSégou1848189345
Tu'i Tonga EmpireTongaPacific OceanMu'a9501865915See History of Tonga.
Turgesh KhaganateTurkistanBalasagun69976667Founded as a successor of West Turkish empire.
Umayyad CaliphateSyriaDamascusCórdoba(Capital-in-exile)66175089Successor of the Rashidun Caliphate, See also Islamic Empire.
Uyunid dynastyArabianAl-HasaQatif10761253163The Uyunids, were a Sunni Arab dynasty that ruled Bahrain for 163 years, from the 11th to the 13th centuries.
Uyghur KhaganateCentral AsiaOrdubaliq742848106742–848 Founded as a successor of Göktürk Khaganate, 848–1036 Gansu state, 856–1209 Turfan state.
Vijayanagara EmpireSouth IndiaVijayanagara13361646310The founding of the original kingdom was based on the principality of Anegondi.
Wari EmpirePeruBoliviaHuari/Tiwanaku5001100600It is a matter of conflict as to whether it was a real organized state that could be called an empire. If so, it would be considered the first empire in the Americas.
Wassoulou EmpireWest AfricaBissandugu1878189545Also known as the Mandinka Empire.
Wei EmpireChinaLuoyang22026545See also Three Kingdoms.
Western Chalukya EmpireSouth IndiaManyakhetaBasavakalyan9731189216
Western Roman EmpireItalyMediolanumRavenna39547681The western half of the Roman Empire.
Eastern WuChinaWuchangJianye22928051See also Three Kingdoms.
Western Xia DynastyChinaXingqing10381227189Also called the Tangut Dynasty.
Xin DynastyChinaChang'an92314The Xin Dynasty had only one ruling Emperor.
Yuan DynastyChinaMongoliaDadu1271136897Division of the Mongol Empire. The Yuan emperors had nominal supremacy over western khanates.
Zand DynastyPersiaShiraz1750179444
Zulu EmpireSouth AfricaKwaBulawayoUlundi1818189779

source wikipedia...Isn't it interesting the things we do not read about in school