Friday, June 3, 2016

I don't need you to like me..I don't need you desperately...I don't need to be with you to prove I am worthy. I am goddess. I was born goddess way before you came along. I know my worth.
There was a boy ..I offered him the world he couldn't see my worth. I don't need you to love me ..The grace that resides in me you will never know.

Thursday, June 2, 2016


-Only keep people around that are worth your time

-Be careful with earning people's trust look at yourself first

-Get your voice back,"The voice, Antonia"

-Face your fears

-Work/earn the things you want

-Philosophy "life is short do not take time for granted"
F -Never break your word, especially to yourself. If you make promises keep them!

-Don't forget everything is possible,believe in the impossible

-Get in tune with my feelings, don't numb out, write,

listen to music, dream.

-Achieve excellence, make good habits, perfect everything

-Use actions above words

-Remember the past and all you've been through

-Fight for the people you love

-Do not compromise

-Build your self-esteem through the actions you take

-Rebuild your support system so nothing can ever

break you again, lesson learned.

-You can accomplish the impossible

-Never take anybody for granted

-Love yourself first

-Know what you are fighting for

-Give your all always

-Be hard to get(use your actions to prove it)

-gain other peoples trust

-Stand on your own

-Earn everything

-Pay attention to every little thought

-Sacrifice yourself for others

-Look at yourself first before looking at others

-Never doubt

-Never forget where you came from it will

make you stronger

-Put work first

-Being lazy is a bad characteristic to have

-Don't be weak, weak people are disgusting

-Work is your savior

-Actions speak louder than words

-Always do your best

-Start today

-Intelligence is prised

-Keep your word

-Keep everything clean

-Treat everything as special 

-Live with responsibility and purpose

-Don't talk behind other peoples backs

-I want the best for you

-Be careful who's behaviors you pick up

-Never take the easy way out, It's


-Don't hide from your problems face them

-Build yourself

-How long have you been doing something,

the longer the better

-Never be a sell out

-Ask yourself why you are doing things,

then remind yourself what you are fighting for

-Never forget your worth

-Never forget the lessons he taught you

-Be brave 

-Every choice has a consequence

-Caged bird -go for this feeling

-Define yourself

-Aim for the highest you can think of

-Earn everything from stuff to friendship

-Fight to the death every day

-Wake up early

-Make every day more special than the last

-Make others work for your trust

-Every relationship is special 

-You exercise so as to not get a disease

-You're not afraid of anything including death

-Just do it

-Start with the hardest thing and work backwards

I promised I would never forget the lessons you taught me.