Tuesday, October 17, 2017

"Get up", he whispered
"I can't",I said, there are too many
"You were made for this", he said

What am I against the forces, the powerful of this world

"you are not alone, there are many unseen forces  waiting, watching".

"I feel alone" I whispered back


"Go to the Island, there you will find comfort, they are waiting for you."

NEVER fear love.

You have ruined me,
taught me how good it can be;
what if I lose it?

          This post is inspire by a friend Trina on facebook. I've stopped posting about love and romance in my blog, after a rather traumatic experience with a man. I feel soo disappointed. I was vulnerable with my posts and he took advantage of that. He didn't deserve me. He took away a part of me. He couldn't see past his selfish desires.  These posts aren't meant for you to get off on. They are for a king, and you are nothing but a rat, and a peasant. You will never be good enough for me.  You were never taught respect. I damaged your property, it was done on purpose peasant. I hope your wife leaves you.

Monday, October 16, 2017

I often ask myself why am I here.On days such as today when everything seems dark, I yearn for the light. I listened to some JDR...I could feel his energy mixing with mine. calming the wounds.

I don't know why I feel so drained today. The more I fight the system the more drained I become. I haven't done activist activities in years. It used to be my passion. Now it stresses me out. Trying to make a difference. It's like a full time job. It feels so few are willing to speak up. Even though I've upped my vibe on facebook by adding empaths, activists,and just generally people that are spiritual.
I don't know what my purpose is

Day 18 of 365 -,,-

Goal get my sensitivity back. Green juice!
This picture isn't entirely accurate... It is our job to raise the frequency of humanity.